Craving Beauty

Snow in November and December is thematically beautiful. It fits our horse and sleigh, Winter Wonderland image. But here it is February, and the drab, dull of winter lingers on like a 10-month pregnancy. Sigh…I’m finding myself craving beauty.

God created the world with beauty. God created us in His image and women “are the crown of His creation….Every woman has a beauty to unveil. Every woman. Because she bears the image of God. She doesn’t have to conjure it, go get it from a salon, have plastic surgery or breast implants. No, beauty is an essence that is given to every woman at her creation.” – from Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge.

So what’s a girl to do? Redecorate of course! I transformed my home office into a place of beauty. Now it’s a place I desire to be – which is a good thing since I just started working from home, and I’ll need to get work done! Going through the process of redecorating, my winter soul poked through the frozen ground and felt restoring warmth. Some new paint on the walls and bookshelves, new sown curtains and valance, Hobby Lobby decorative shelving, and a table off Craig’s List gave my office a rebirth that spilled over to my soul. (My incredible husband put in hours of labor distressing the bookshelves and tables and making sure the decorative shelves were hung straight – thank you, honey!)

Office Before

Office After

Office Before

Office After






























What satisfies your craving for beauty in the dead of winter? A quick trip to Hawaii would probably settle the craving, but a more realistic trip is where your creativity flows.

  • Pull out those boxes of photos and assemble them together in a scrapbook (with all the fun scrapbooking essentials). This not only fills a creative cup, but it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something.
  • Take up stamping and card making
  • Check out (warning: addictive website, enter only when time allows)
  • Take a friend and paint at one of those paint your own pottery shops
  • Check out where and all their links. They also have a magazine – I discovered them at Barnes & Noble :)
  • Take a class at a local hobby store
  • Visit an art gallery or museum
  • Make your own “bling jewelry”
  • Look at fabric and pattern books – and even purchase material
  • Make new curtains for a bedroom
  • Or totally redecorate a room like I did! Whatever it looks like…create some beauty!

Don’t forget to work on the “inward beauty” as well. Pick out a fresh new Bible Study either at your church, with a group of friends, or one that encourages you all by yourself. This will get you through the next few months, and you’ll feel invigorated and ready to burst forth when the spring arrives.

Let me know what satisfies your craving for beauty – I’d love to hear!


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9 Responses to Craving Beauty

  1. LOVE the new office!!! Great job!!! As for me, I know I feel refreshed and productive when I finally get cleaning done around the house that I have put off. I do enjoy scrapbooking as well! Or just putting up new pictures!

  2. Gwen Huck

    Talk about craving beauty! I keep looking out my kitchen window wondering if the flowers will EVER bloom again. Your blog may be just what I need to get me moving.
    LOVE your office!!

  3. Dianne Kressin

    Thank you, Mary Kay. Even in Texas February IS dreary. The dreariness of the month always seems to be marked with the pain of death and disease, in other words, the effects of the fall. Oh, how we can be longing for Christ’s return when we find ourselves in these dark days. And just as your blog is a reminder to us that God is the creator of beauty and we can discover and enjoy beauty by using a bit of creativity, we can also look forward to the new beauty that will spring forth from the ground in just a couple of months. Don’t you love how all that God has made is really a perfect illustration of our spiritual lives???

  4. karen sweany

    Love your new office…..very inspiring and motivating as well as beautiful! I also love your quote from the Eldridges “Every woman has a beauty to unveil”….a few years ago I was asked to start a womens small group…..I was not sure I was any where near qualified to do this task……after much prayer, I clung to the strength God gave me and put on the pot of coffee! By God’s grace I have been witness to an incredible journey of faith by these women….we have lived life together….we have shared the miraculous birth of a baby, the heartbreaking loss of a beloved husband, financial losses, parental heartbreaks, baptisms, and the list goes on…..but to have seen the “veils” lifted and these women, who began as strangers, become the hands of Christ truely has been a vision of beauty. “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting: but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30…….I am in constant awe of God’s beauty around us….even in the gloomy days of winter (which we have many in Ohio!) I will stop and take the time to appreciate the beauty of a new fallen snow or hear the song of a cheerful little bird perched on the feeder by my kitchen window and find the beauty of God’s creation! I love your blog, Mary Kay, thank you for your inspiration and motivation….may God continue to bless you!

    • Mary Kay

      Such a great reminder, Karen, to stop and appreciate God’s beauty – even in the gloomy days of winter! It is there. I too, enjoy looking out my window and seeing all the birds at the feeder we put up last fall. I don’t know how many there are, but they’ve definitely told all their friends and they show up like clock-work every morning. I can hear their cheerful chirps from inside the house!

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, and thank you for answering the call in your life to minister to those women! All of you are forever changed because of your act of obedience.

  5. Vicki Burns

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your office! And thanks for all of the awesome suggestions. Think I’ll be working my way through your list. :)

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